Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I have been absent from Scrag for the last 3 weeks, mainly because the van was written-off, so I have had no transport.  It always feels strange walking in after a break as if things have moved on a little without me, which I'm sure they have and do so anyway, whether I am there or not. 
It was very quiet; the birdsong is all but silent apart from the occasional wren starting up from the depths of some bramble.  Otherwise there were no song birds at all.  There was, however, the mewing of buzzards overhead as well as some spectacular views as they circled just above gaps in the canopy; sometimes the light just catches them and instead of a dark silhouette of a raptor, you get the deep russet across the wings.
There was also the repeated squeaking of sparrowhawk young, apparently still in the nest; they must be ready to fledge soon.
The bracken area is impassable as usual at this time of year and I had difficulty getting anywhere near any blackthorn in sunlight so I could search for brown hairstreak butterflies.  I have never seen these at Scrag but know they are in adjoining areas so I'm keen to get a record.