Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sadly, the woodpecker nest hole I have been keeping under observation for the past few weeks has met with disastrous results - the tree fell down!  That'll teach the pair who chose the easy option of chiselling out a rotten birch as they often do.  Woodpecker, however, excavate several alternative holes, so they have, hopefully occupied another site.
I built a makeshift hide to photograph the fox on Tuesday, however, clever Mr Fox circled around the back and rumbled me; I did say the hide was makeshift!  I have now erected a better, well camouflaged and light-tight hide which may prove better.
Two foxes came in to the badger watch last night but were quickly chased off by the badgers.  In all, there were possibly 4 adult badgers plus the cub.  There was a good display of behaviour including bedding collection, mating and play.

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