Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This weather is exceptional!  Butterflies such as orange tips, brimstones are now patrolling the edges and rides of the woods looking for a mate and the odd speckled wood is perched in dappled sunny spots.  I have watched the nuthatches take over one of the nest boxes and plaster the large hole, enlarged actually by woodpeckers, with mud.  I heard, a few days ago, the male great spotted woodpecker excavate a nest hole; this is quite low down and, if used, will be suitable for a hide.  They do, however, excavate several potential holes before settling on the chosen one, and these are normally a bit too high to set up a hide on.
The mauve-blue mist is now forming across the whole woods as the bluebells start to emerge; Scrag is beautiful and fascinating at any time of the year, but right now and for the next month, it is at its best.

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