Friday, April 1, 2011

It was a good Woodland Birds' workshop day yesterday; the goldfinches were the stars.  After an on-off presence this season due to squirrels ripping apart their feeders, the adapted metal ones I installed a few weeks ago have certainly done the trick; normally I will lure them onto teasel heads, but yesterday I lured them onto sprays of blackthorn blossom to give a nice spring-like feel to the image.
Nuthatches were harder to capture yesterday; possibly the recent spring weather has distracted them onto other tasks.
I am pleased that we have had a couple of substantial downpours; this will be crucial to the badger sow that may have delivered cubs in February.  She will be lactating and needs as much food as she can get; the dry weather means worms are deep underground and this would make up 50% of her diet.  If she can't get enough food the result would be that the cubs starve.

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