Thursday, April 28, 2011

I checked a nest box yesterday and was a little shocked to have a blue tit hiss and lunge towards me as I opened the lid.  I don't blame her at all as a huge primate levers open her nest-space and potentially threatens her eggs.  I have never experienced such aggressive, and effective, threat displays from a blue tit though; they normally just hunker down and look vulnerable.  Good for her though.  I gently closed the lid and left her to it.
Again a fox came in to the badger sett area last night during another Sussex Wildlife Trust badger watch.  This fox, who I bumped into three times yesterday came in close and fed for 40 minutes as we all watched motionless before she was chased off by an adult badger erupting from one of the holes.  This is becoming a regular occurrence and is providing a a good warm up show before the badgers emerge.

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