Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Again it has been a busy time at Scrag as the badger 'season' gets under way.  On Sunday I guided a cameraman for Tern TV filming badgers for an ITV1 documentary airing in the summer.  Luckily the first badger emerged just after 7.30pm with plenty of ambient light for the first batch of filming.  Later, the next badger fed among the bluebells in front of us, luckily totally unconcerned by the bright LED lights we put out.  The documentary is apparently about wildlife crime, so hopefully our efforts will help raise awareness to badger baiting around the country.
Last night, I ran the 1st Sussex Wildlife Trust badger watch of the year and a journalist from Sussex Life was present, so the pressure was on.  I needn't have worried as for pre-badger entertainment, first one then a second fox came in to feed within 7m of the group.  While watching the second fox busily munching, as if entering stage left out came the first badger!  After a few minutes contented mutual feeding the badger caught a whiff of fox and charged straight at it eventually chasing it across the sett and away through the bluebells.  The fox, staying just out of the heftier mammals grasp, slinked through the shadows until the badger resumed feeding.  Reminiscent of jackals at a lion kill in Africa the fox delicately returned and managed to feed some more before again being repeatedly chased away.
After an hour of this inter-mammal species action all had dispersed and we, as the 3rd mammal present, followed suit, returning to the cars by an early 9pm.  An account of this will be appearing in the June issue of Sussex Life.

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Clair said...

Sounds fantastic... You're so lucky David! x