Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

We carried out several tasks at Scrag yesterday including the usual stocking of the bird feeders both at the main hide area as well as the storage area where the robin comes down for her mealworms and just hangs around generally, making nice company.  I say 'her' but I don't really know, I've just never witnessed her singing, so just assume it's a female.  She followed us up to the badger sett and just sat above us as we ate our sandwiches, occasionally flitting down for crumbs.  Although, I am aware that it is merely cupboard love, it is just good to have her around; I'm sure they evoked affection even in our hunter-gatherer days going back many thousands of years.
We coppiced a single hazel; I need some poles to make a new hide and the smaller poles will be used in the garden.
I also checked the remote cameras which give me an excellent idea of what or who is passing through key areas; this gives me an idea of whether a hide in a certain location is a good idea or will merely result in sitting getting bored for a few hours.  I captured this ghostly image of a fox in December.

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