Thursday, December 9, 2010

The snow still lying on the ground gives a lovely bit of light on the undersides of birds, as I think this image of a male chaffinch shows; almost looks like it was taken in Finland. It was minus 4 degrees as I got in the woodpecker hide this morning but reached a dizzying 1 degree above as I left; I almost felt like shedding my thermals...leaving the other 7 layers on of course! While waiting in vain for a sparrowhawk to perch in front of me, I was joined by 4 or 5 redpolls; 2 perched just 60 or 70 cm away in the blackthorn branches next to the hide. I have never been so close or have ever acknowledged how warm the colour of their plumage looks. It made the last hour very worthwhile. I also checked the remote cameras today; just a few images of a fox, no woodcock which is what I'm hoping for. The cameras are in place again.

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