Thursday, November 4, 2010

There was a strong smell of rotting flesh around the main bird hide yesterday and it took me a while of being a little worried to remember that I'd found a stinkhorn fungus there a couple days ago. It really was pungent though!
The goldfinches are once again feeding on the teasel heads right in front of the goldfinch hide; this is a relief as they had abandoned the site for a couple of weeks due to the squirrels repeatedly chewing apart their feeders. As well as goldfinches, the other birds are coming to baiting areas in high concentrations now. The long-tailed tits do not seem bothered by my presence at all; while stocking one baiting log they would come onto the one next to me, just a metre away!
We've had some blustery SW winds, so although the leaf colour is coming to its peak, I don't think it will stay on the trees for long. The wild service tree was looking spectacular as the leaves turned their deep bronze-red, but now they are on the floor.

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