Monday, October 4, 2010

Thrashing wind and driving rain has brought down many branches over the last few days; it's the remnants of a hurricane I believe that has caused all the damage. However, there appears to be no major tree falls; always a problem when there's high wind and the trees are still in full leaf. A more extensive search will probably reveal a few birches reaching senescence on the ground but that's no real problem. Birch is an early coloniser and will regenerate in any clearings. Once they get to 70 or so years old they often just fall over which is good as it lets more light in and adds dead wood to the forest equation.
Despite the terrible weather over the past few days it was lovely today; a slight drizzle first thing gave way to weak sunshine and warm temperatures - a lovely Autumn day!
During the ongoing maintenance, I found a full wasp's nest in the goldfinch hide and sadly it will have to be removed as I can't have photographers sitting next to it. Unfortunately, I react badly to wasp stings so I'm not really looking forward to the process of removal!

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