Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wild flowers are less obvious at this time of year but evident nonetheless when you look a bit harder; yellow pimpernel, wood avens, sanicle and common figwort are all now flowering. In damp areas of Scrag on of my favourite flowers is also in show; ragged robin. This flower has a torn, delicate beauty and I love finding it. In the week, I also spent some time with my wildflower key and distinguished germander speedwell from wood speedwell, both evident at Scrag. The only apparent difference is the coating of hairs around the stem.
Badgers have been out like clockwork this week and I'm proud to say that I showed 14 people badgers this week that had never seen badgers before. They have been putting on a great show with some really close views before dispersing. A couple of days ago I found a rabbit stop dug out; the occupants obviously eaten. Sorry, but badgers do this!
The tawny owls have definitely fledged 2 young in total; I have not heard a third. Their white, powdery droppings are scattered all over the undergrowth within a few hundred square metres of the nest site; they are not up to travelling far yet and just tend to squeak pathetically from branch to branch.
We should get the first purple emperor in the next week or so!!!

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