Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clear but with a bitterly cold east wind. Lots of spring flowers out including some early bluebells. Blackcaps and chiff chaffs singing along with song thrushes and robins. Several parties of swallows overhead through the afternoon yesterday.
The 2nd Sussex Wildlife Trust badger watch of the year yesterday evening. After a 30 minute wait, Vincent, the dominant boar with 1 ear was out and scratching away. Over the next hour and a half we had up to 5 adult badgers back and forth around the sett. There was also, and this is the second time in a week, a fox that I actually suspect of denning in a quiet part of the sett. The group I took in were lucky enough to have views of fox and badger together, not common at Scrag. Indeed, this is the most fox presence I've witnessed at Scrag in 3 years; is this perhaps because I prevented the Hunt's activity twice over the winter?

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