Saturday, December 19, 2009

Like most of Eastern England, we have been having stunning though extreme weather over the past few days; the thermometer outside the main hide recorded a minimum temperature of minus 6.2 centigrade and that was before the snow hit!
As I arrived at the storage shed today I was joined by
three robins. Every turn I took I was accompanied very close, within a metre or so, by a beautiful 'fluffed' up robin perching on a white-crystal branch. It was a touching experience even if their only motivation is food; it was still nice to have them accompany me. Unfortunately, the padlock was frozen and I had to pour coffee in the lock to de-frost it so I could get some mealworms for them. Interestingly, as soon as I got the door of the shed open, one of the birds flew straight inside the shed and appeared to be searching around. Within a minute, it flew straight out again with a large house spider in its beak; fascinating that the bird could seize the opportunity of an unusual source of prey so quickly.
Snow at Scrag gives me chances that I cannot afford to miss; yesterday, however, I couldn't even get drive anywhere as the van was blocked in by an abandoned vehicle, grrrrrr! Luckily today I could get to the wood reasonably easily and get good images of birds around the feeding area. Its a win-win situation; I feed the hungry birds and get great images at the same time.
Well, if this cold spell is a bit too much for you at the moment, it will be spring in just over 6 weeks time!

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