Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last night was halloween night and I thought the best way to spend it was with a badger watch. There was a slight mist over the meadow and the nearly full moon was slightly hazy as it rose, though still easily bright enough to cast long shadows through the trees. The tawny owls were very vocal as they tend to be at this time of year. We caught a glimpse of a female perched behind us and she repeatedly called from the general vicinity of the sett; this is good news as she seems to be holding a territory where one of the tawny nest boxes are.
The badgers came out at 5.50pm; I was expecting them at 6'ish. They fed noisily on the peanuts and raisins I had laid down for them; I had to lay this outside the main sett entrance as I haven't been laying anything for them down since June or July. In the end, we got about 30 minutes of fairly relaxed viewing before they were spooked (no pun intended on Halloween night!) by something and retreated to the sett.
Another eerie sound in the night but a very, very welcome one was the chilling scream of a barn owl as it hunted across the meadow! I just hope they start to use the barn owl boxes again.
It was a fantastic way to spend the evening; deep in the woods and the badgers performed well as usual maintaining my 100% 2009 record, however, it was the owls and their evocative calls that, for me, were the highlight.

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Mark said...

What better way to spend Halloween than listening to owls?