Monday, November 23, 2009

The Hunt...again!

On Friday, I came across the Surrey Union Hunt comprising 20 riders in full regalia and as many dogs riding through Scrag and the surrounding woodland comprising Rusper Wood as a whole. The dogs were scattered and so were the riders. It appeared that a general search/hunt was under way. I spoke to the hunt master and pointed out that they were on private land and that they had no right of access; he apologised and stated that the dogs had caught a scent and that he and his colleagues were just trying to recover the dogs. They then wanted to leave via an area to the south. I, in short, told them to leave the way they had entered. After more apologies, they left. Strangly as soon as they were told to leave they called all the dogs together very quickly; they were obviously unable to do this until I had arrived. This is the 2nd time this year this hunt has entered and ridden through the wood; this causes a great deal of damage and disturbance; they have been informed in writing earlier in the year that they have no access .


Mike said...


That's awful. I bet the hunt members would not be happy about people trespassing on their land.

It might be worth writing to them threatening to get an injunction to prevent them entering the land, or even paying for a solicitor's letter to that effect.

Oscar Wilde described fox hunting as "The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable".

Mike said...

You might like the urban dictionary definition of fox hunting.

'Some twats think that this is a "sport". In a sport you have two sides who engage in fair competition. Give the fox a fucking machine gun and a pack of supporters and it would be a "sport".

A crazed mob of rich rural toffs riding on horses while loudly blowing on large phalluses, the purpose of which is for a fox to be violently and painfully ripped to shreds by a pack of dogs after being chased to exhaustion.

In the event that the fox "wins" and goes to earth, the hunters, who are too fucking posh to concede defeat, send a dog down the burrow to kill it.

The "sport" was invented by rich landowners in the Middle Ages as a way to enforce their authority over small peasant proprietors, because it provided a good excuse for showing who's boss by trespassing loudly and intrusively on small farmers' property. A significant number of country dwellers oppose the "sport" because of its intrusiveness and destructiveness towards small farmers.

The Cunt ryside alliance is a campaign set up to defend fox hunting, but it is sold to its rural supporters as a general campaign to defend the countryside. As a result, Cunt ryside alliance demonstrations regularly include around 30% of marchers opposed to fox hunting.'