Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last night I had a fantastic solo badger photography session. As well as getting some great shots, I had 6 badgers out feeding, playing and even climbing (sort of) trees! When I'm photographing badgers I normally like to get my shots and then get out swiftly and quietly so I can leave the wood before its too dark. However, their behaviour was so compelling I just sat there watching, I was a little concerned at one stage when they were chasing each other that they were going to crash into me! I think I managed to get a documentary shot (haven't checked yet) of Vincent (after Van Gogh) because he only has one ear.
At around 10 after a slight lull in behaviour I decided to leave. In order to not disturb any badgers I move trying to mimic badger sound, shuffling leaves with my feet rather than left-right stamp of human foot-fall. In this way, I managed to retrieve both flash units and get away from the sett. I think, however, that my movement was so convincing that I had three badgers join me on the way out. They playfully sprinted past me and had a couple of fights before disappearing from sight, but not hearing. I take not disturbing my badgers very seriously and it consequently took me another 40 minutes of walking like a badger to eventually leave!

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