Friday, May 22, 2009

Something seems to have happened at the badger sett. I'm not sure what it is, but I think there are only 3 adults at the main sett and their emergence is very, very slow and nervous. Whether this is as a result of inter-group politics or some form of human disturbance I am not sure. Somewhat chillingly, I found an old shotgun cartridge on top of the sett at the weekend.
Anyway, it has gone from 6 or 7 animals emerging confidently at around 8pm to just 2 or 3 slowly poking their noses out up to an hour later. Running badger events is fantastic, especially as last night none of the 8 SWT attendees had seen a live badger before, but it can be very stressful when they are nervously emerging so late.
I shall be there on my own this evening to photograph so we shall see.

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Ali said...

That does sound very worrying... I hope everything settles down quickly and whatever it is that is concerning them passes very soon.

The shotgun cartridge is a concern - you say 'old' but how old do you think, a few days or a few weeks? Either way the use of a shotgun in the wood is rather alarming!

I had hoped to be in touch for a quick visit while the Bluebells were out, but in true 'Ali-fashion' I didn't - time seems to be flying past. Just like I really MUST come and see the badgers!!! Poke me, remind me, nag me... please??

Hope all is well, and hope to catch up soon!