Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow, Scrag is looking spectacular at the moment; the bluebells are beginning to form that mist of blue across the woodland floor. These drifts blend into the rich green of dog's mercury and all interspersed with primroses, wood sorrel and golden saxifrage. The hornbeam is in leaf, an almost acid green along with hazel and hawthorn. The main bird hide was shrouded in blackthorn blossom for about a week. This blossom has now turned yellow-brown to be replaced by the leaves.
On sunny days the rides and paths are the fly-ways of orange tip butterflies. There seem to be a lot more this year and this could bode well for all the other butterfly species yet to emerge. Pray for a settled spring.
The badger watches are producing between 5 to 7 adults on each watch. No cubs yet, but I feel they are imminent, maybe tonight! The adults, however, are enough entertainment for the evening; as well as feeding they scratch, play-fight, dig, scent and just generally look in great condition.
This afternoon I am trying to photograph the orange tips followed by a badger watch for Sussex Wildlife Trust.

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