Friday, April 10, 2009

I think it is fairly typical April weather at the moment; bit of rain, bit of sun, pleasant temperatures. With this in mind there seemed to be more birds at the feeders yesterday after a worrying drop off during the warm sunny weather last week. I only say worrying as there are more 'woodland birds' events to go over the next 10 days or so and I like to get the birds for the customers! However, breeding season is well under way with nest material being stuffed into the tit boxes; sometimes they are a little over-ambitious with the wad of moss they try to get through the 28mm hole!
I watched a pair of great spotted woodpeckers mating at around 6pm; excellent, please make more woodpeckers but please excavate your nest hole at head height and in good light, so I can set up a hide on it, thank you.
Did a badger watch with my parents yesterday. After a slow start, we happily watched up to 5 badgers out around the sett. They came out a little later than on Tuesday, so I had to use the red light on them. This doesn't disturb them and allows easy viewing as I don't have to hold it. Terry Goble gave me this light for my birthday last year, thanks Terry, it's great! I think he gave it to me because I borrowed his previous light for the whole year, sorry.
So, in the end it was a lovely watch and we left as the full-moon was rising.


Ali said...

Hope your Woodpeckers oblige with your requests!

Adriana said...

you have a good humor sense