Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Hunt!

On Monday, as I was trying to find a woodcock that settled just in front of me, I caught sight of a man on a quad bike speeding across the neighbouring area of woodland; I think he realised I was there. This is the reconnaissance run.
Then, yesterday, according to a local resident, the whole hunt went through with up to 30 dogs. This has chewed up a the public footpath as well as the access track that we all rely on to occasionally get vehicles into the woodland for the 3 months of the year that it is not too wet. I have not followed the obvious trail to see if any gates or hedges have been destroyed as I am waiting to hear from other woodland owners to see if they have given permission. The worse hit area appears to be my neighbour at Tilgate Wood.
Apparently, at one stage there was so much squealing that it is felt a kill was made.
This angers me on a number of levels; the damage, the disturbance to wildlife as well as to my photography workshops that form part of my income. It is also the sheer arrogance. Maybe I should turn up at their stables and drive across their fields churning it all up, driving through fences and hedges! Maybe they will rely on their argument of being 'custodians of the landscape' - yeah right. Can you detect that I am somewhat annoyed?

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Tracy Pepler said...

grr, you must be fuming! I hope you manage to get this stopped!
Tracy P