Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well, what a spectacular couple of days we had at the beginning of the week? As soon as I saw the snow at 5am on Monday, all other work was cancelled and the decision was made to spend the day at Scrag. With the conditions though this was no simple undertaking as merely getting out of Brighton was hard enough let alone dealing with the remote roads near the wood itself. However, once there, I took images of the wood itself in a bit of a rush; I was worried that it would melt away all too rapidly. I need not have worried though as the continuously falling snow and low temperatures meant that it was there to stay for the day at least! This also gave me the opportunity to shoot all the usual woodland birds but in snow; this increases my stock collection and also possibly makes them more saleable - everyone likes the 'robin in snow' shot after all. During the day I was joined by Keeley Bishop who comes on a lot of my photographic workshops; she also couldn't get into work! It was a fantastic day and absolutely magical to be in the wood. On Tuesday, I taught 2 students woodland birds photography who were originally booked for Thursday - the once in a decade conditions, however, made it easy to make the switch of days. Conditions on the day were more settled but with brighter sunlight, so sadly as the afternoon progressed the snow was visibly melting through the viewfinders. We all managed to get some fantastic shots before making the slushy drive home.

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