Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well, the snow is all gone now but it has still been bitterly cold especially at night. I think last night was the first frost-free night since December. Fairly mild frost-free nights are now forecast for the next few days at least and I feel that this may be the trigger for some amphibian movement. I'm going to be checking the ponds around the area for the appearance of frog spawn; it would be great to get this in the new pond!
I have finally managed to erect all the outstanding nestboxes in the week. This is a very satisfying task as it will hopefully mean a lot will be occupied in a couple of months time and help the bird population overall as well as providing fantastic photographic opportunities as the birds approach the boxes in the breeding season with their beaks full of caterpillars!
I actually lost count of the boxes but think it is about 25 or so. I know I should have recorded it exactly but I forgot the permanent marker pen so couldn't number them as I went around. I will do it this week though and I'm even going to get GPS references for each box so I can find them all in the future. This year I have put up a lot of open-fronted boxes as well as tit boxes in order to hopefully get more thrushes and robins nesting. I have also placed 3 open-fronted boxes along the banks of the stream in the slim chance that the grey wagtails nest; it would be a great bird to add to the breeding list!
If you intend putting nest boxes up in your garden then I suggest that you do it soon; I have seen many birds already checking out the boxes not to start the breeding season early but they will certainly be staking a claim on territories and surveying prospective breeding sites well in advance of the breeding season.

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