Saturday, February 21, 2009

I taught another woodland bird's photography workshop today at Scrag Copse. The weather was spectacular with stunning blue sky and mild temperatures. I took a couple of reconnaissance walks to try and find adders. I had a report of one found at Pulborough Brooks yesterday and although early it certainly felt like perfect conditions to find them today. I have never found one at Scrag before and I was out of luck today. I even lifted some of the corrugated refuges I've laid for them but no luck at all. Oh well, I'm sure they are here, it may just take a bit more searching!
Overall the day went well with lots of woodland bird activity; I was, however, a little disappointed with the woodpeckers, they just were not as co-operative as usual. A nice development though is the return of regular goldfinches; I now intend to shift the niger seed feeder to the front of the new hide to provide excellent late in the day entertainment. This shift will have to be done slowly and gradually as I do not want to lose them again if there is a break in feeding caused by the finches not finding their usual food source.

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