Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Much for Squirrel Proof!!!

Well, I think the picture says it all! This could be Houdini the squirrel but he got stuck. I found him trapped and struggling inside this supposed squirrel proof nut feeder at around midday today and when I finished he was still there at 4pm. Now, although I don't want squirrels at Scrag due to the damage and the effect they have on breeding bird populations, I felt it was no way to die for any creature; freezing to death. So, with a thick pair of work gloves and throwing my coat over the feeder to prevent him panicking, I dismantled the whole thing to let him out. Fortunately, it all went smoothly as I had no desire to have set of sharp teeth hanging from one of my fingers. Hopefully, he has learnt from his experience. I now have to take the nut feeder back for a refund; they are not cheap and I do not want to turn up to find a frozen squirrel in a cage next time I arrive.

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Ali said...

Crumbs! Makes you wonder how he wiggled into in the first place. Cheeky little beggar!