Monday, January 5, 2009

Bitter, was the only way to describe the weather today at Scrag! We have now had a very cold 2 weeks and in fact this winter overall so far has been very cold; I have heard it is the coldest for 30 years and tonight is forecast to be the coldest yet.
As a result, I have not been visiting as often as I would like despite having jobs that need to be done. However, there is little point in expending the petrol just to be there for a couple of hours. I feel that my only responsibility is to ensure that the birds are fed. The bird population at Scrag is an asset and as such helping their winter survival is important. Besides, imagine being a tiny bird trying to get through this arctic spell, they deserve our help.
The squirrel-proof feeders have certainly proved a worthwhile investment. Previously, a stocked feeder would last 1-2 days at most before being ripped open by a squirrels. Now they are lasting up to 6 days. This is good for me as I don't spend so much on nuts and certainly good for the birds as they have a prolonged and guaranteed supply of energy-rich food.

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