Monday, December 1, 2008

Over the past week, because I have been running the Beginning Nature Photography workshops for Sussex Wildlife Trust, so I have only managed to drop in to Scrag a few times and for relatively short times to just feed the birds. All workshops are now finished for the year and re commence in February 2009. I love teaching all the varied workshops throughout the year but I am also looking forward to the break; its time to carry out all the small projects I've saved up. Many of these are photographic projects or writing magazine articles but there are also a lot of jobs to carry out in Scrag such as building a few more nest boxes and clearing some paths.
Tomorrow, however, my goal is to shoot some more birds around the hide and hopefully in wintry conditions. I plan to get there at dawn so that the perches are frosted over and will add another element to the images. I can tell how the birds are struggling with this cold weather because the level of peanuts in the feeders was very low after just 3 days, they normally last 5! As I arrived today, lots of birds congregated in the trees and on some of the perches; they associate human disturbance at the hide with food and so they were just waiting for me to produce the goods. Even a couple of woodpeckers waited in the top of an ash calling and came straight down onto one of the baiting logs as soon as I'd walked away. Oh well, they'll be getting a lot of food from me this week, I just hope they perform well for me!

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