Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I spent the bitterly cold but bright morning shooting winter images of birds for a magazine article. I arrived just after dawn and set up some potentially good shots but stupidly missed a jay that was perched on a log; to keep out the cold wind I had only opened 2 hatches which meant that I didn't see the bird until I frightened it off!
After the weather changed to a short shower of rain followed by a dull bank of cloud meaning no more shooting, I went to the storage shed and constructed a work station to build a batch of nest boxes. I find that using a tressle it is too low, causing back-ache after a while, so I wanted to build something sturdy and at a comfortable height. I just used off-cuts of wood and timber from other jobs. The task only took me about an hour but will mean I can get to work on all those floor boards I acquired last week and get a couple of boxes made per week. It was a very satisfying task.

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