Monday, December 8, 2008

I managed to drop into Scrag for a couple of hours this afternoon before the weak winter sun set behind the bare trees. In that time I managed to knock up another blue tit box. I raided another skip yesterday and managed to get a about 5 metres of good quality floor boards that had been thrown out. All I do is pull out all the nails and screws and the wood is fine after a bit of a brush off with a wire brush. It's only going to be used for landfill, so I think to be recycled into nestboxes is very worthwhile. One problem I'm having though is drying out the boxes once they're made so I can coat them with preserver; the storage/tool shed has got so many holes and leaks that everything is damp in there. I think I'm going to have to stack them in the bird hide for a couple of weeks as it's much drier in there.
If you intend putting up a nestbox, don't wait until the spring, do it now. Woodland birds check out potential nest sites much earlier than most people are aware, so get it up now so it can settle in and weather a little and the birds will hopefully make the most of it as soon as the breeding season starts.

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