Thursday, November 20, 2008

Many thanks to the builders just round the corner from where I live for letting me raid their skip and take out a load old floor boards. These will be perfect for making more bird nest boxes over the next few months in time for breeding season in 2009. The builders seemed happy that I was using them to make boxes for little birds and were decent enough to try and find more decent lengths. In all I recovered about 24m which should be good for about 15 boxes!
At Scrag I made sure all the feeders were full and all the logs were baited with lard. There is an Arctic front coming tomorrow and although in the past I have enjoyed extreme spells of weather, these are the events that decimate small woodland bird numbers and these days I feel a bit more responsible for their survival. I remember once working from a hide during a very bitter spell a couple of years ago. A blue tit fluttered strangely to the ground and just appeared unwell, so I walked out and gently picked up the tiny ball of feathers. It was obviously unwell to allow me to do this. I cradled it in my hands but within a few minutes it appeared to tremble and then just died leaving me holding the still warm body. I'm not sure it was the cold but whatever it was killed this poor tiny bird and it was an incredibly sad and poignant moment. In good times they appear healthy, energetic and robust but throw in a few days of bad weather and their chances of surviving each night plummet.
So, please go and feed your birds.

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Ali said...

Stocked up on seeds and nuts at the weekend; feeders filled as are the birds!