Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grey and still the weather was today and that suited me just fine. I'm writing a 'how to' article on photographing fungi at the moment so I spent the afternoon doing just that. The article will only be submitted for next year's fungi season but if the images aren't taken now there won't be any new ones for the article. It means a very long lead-in time but that's the nature (no pun intended!) of the job. It involves taking the typical 'beginner' shot and then doing step-by-step improvements and demonstrating each improvement in each successive shot. I found some really nice fungus specimens including good brackets and puff balls, however, the only fly agaric I found had been well and truly nibbled, so not worth shooting but I'm always on the lookout for fresher ones. If you want to learn more about photographing fungi join me on the fungi photographic day at Scrag Copse on the 15th November.
While slowly progressing through the wood today there was a very welcome visitor, well, lot's of them actually. It appears there's been an influx of goldcrests; I counted at least 30 throughout the day. These are the smallest British bird and although a resident species we get high numbers of them from the continent, especially Scandinavia, in winter. They are lovely birds, sometimes a little hard to see, but once you do they really are interesting almost resembling hummingbirds as they hover and glean tiny insects from the foliage.

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