Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Woodland Bird's photography days start again this coming Sunday, so I have been increasing the bait out for the birds in the form of seed and nut feeders as well as baiting logs for woodpeckers and nuthatches. Today in the gorgeous Autumn weather I was also generally tidying up around the main bird hide and re-constructing the woodpecker hide. Woodpeckers have a large fear circle, so it is generally better to try photographing them alone and obeying good hide discipline; 3 or 4 twitchy photographers is a sure way to scare off a great spotted woodpecker! Hence the separate 1-person hide. Within 5 minutes of sinking and baiting a log in front of this hide a lovely male Great spotted was down onto the log, which certainly ensures things should be OK this coming Sunday.
For the whole afternoon, as I worked, several nuthatches were also coming in to either the nut feeders or the baiting logs. Nuthatches are not very shy and I often get them just a couple of metres away as I'm re-stocking the feeders. Marsh tits are even less shy and although give way to the other larger tits will often stay until the last second as I approach.
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