Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unfortunately, the van broke down last week, so I've been unable to get to Scrag for about 9 days! Anyway, I got there today and what spectacular autumn weather it was. The birds were all around me including woodpeckers and nuthatches constantly. The squirrels, however, have destroyed a couple of feeders and even removed one without trace!! Grrr, where's my air-rifle! I have now repaired several old feeders with heavy-duty wire, how long they will last I'm not sure but I have 2 new 'squirrel proof' feeders to put up but they are locked in the back of the van which is sadly still being repaired.
All the leaves are sadly off the wild service tree but the woodland floor is now a beautiful gold bronze mosaic.
I ended the day with a lovely view of the barn owl sitting in the sun outside the barn owl box!

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Ali said...

Oooo. Possible workshop idea... Autumn Colour?

Hope the van gets fixed soon.