Thursday, October 30, 2008

There was a bitter east wind cutting into the trees and Scrag Copse, being on the east side of the overall woodland block, feels it the most. However, I still had to ensure all the feeders were stocked as well fill the woodpecker logs with more lard. Thankfully, the new squirrel-proof feeders, despite a few teething problems (no pun intended!!) now appear to be working well and are lasting, as far as a fill of seed or nuts are concerned, around three times longer. This is great news both for the birds, who have a more continuous food supply, as well as for me as it means I don't have to drive so often to Scrag just to stock the feeders and the overall cost is lower as I'm not feeding the squirrels.
Please take a look at the image of a nuthatch on a feeder I posted several days ago and compare it to the one on the left which I took this afternoon. This is what I teach on my Woodland Birds workshops at Scrag; how to take natural and intimate images of woodland birds and not on feeders! Please visit the courses page on the website
to book a place on one of these workshops, there are just a few places left.

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