Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There is now a gradually spreading yellow filter across Scrag as the leaves start their colour change . The oaks, one of the last to come into leaf in the spring is still a strong dark green, however the hornbeams and the one single (as far as I know) beech tree are definitely switching from green to yellow. The bracken is already on the way to that lovely autumnal russet brown which is good for me as it will create a lovely backdrop for the upcoming woodland bird's photography days. the wild service tree is probably producing the most dramatic seasonal change with leaves of green, yellow, scarlet and bronze found on the same tree!
Last week, lifting any of the corrugated iron sheet laid down for reptiles was regularly revealing up to 8 slow worms and the occasional grass snake - the one shown in the image was a very young snake and probably one of the most docile I have photographed before. Grass snakes do not have the protection of venom and often will opt for a rapid escape instead of sitting tight as an adder often will. However, since the colder nights at the end of last week, lifting the corrugated sheets is now revealing nothing - the reptiles have already left to find more snug winter shelter. Last year I created some large bracken piles with branches underneath so that reptiles and amphibians can find a safe warm place to hibernate - hopefully they are now being used as the autumn changes take more of a grip.

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