Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well, it's nice to see that the heavy rain over the past few weeks has done something useful - the pond dug by my valuable volunteers in July is virtually full! It also appears to be holding water and I have now started gradually replacing the soil dug out of the pond to the edges where the liner is visible. Given time, grasses and waterside plants will colonise this soil and matt it together with their roots both holding it together and making a pleasant edge.
nterestingly a female southern hawker dragonfly was laying eggs at the edge of the water. Every time I moved around the pond she would take off and then hover in front of me before settling again to bend her abdomen down to lay another egg. This is one of the behaviours that identify southern hawkers; they often like woodland rides or edges and will fearlessly hover very close to you and check you out, sometimes at alarming close range! However, whether this years' dragonfly brood will survive is doubtful as there are hardly any other invertebrates in such a new pond but it is an encouraging sign and reinforcement again that if you do something to encourage wildlife, it normally turns up!

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