Thursday, August 14, 2008

Probably unlike everyone else at this time of year, I see torrential rain and hope it is directly over Scrag Copse as this will hopefully fill the pond we dug a few weeks ago now. As of yesterday it was 2/3rds full and I am keen to get more water in to pull and stretch the liner fully into place so I can backfill some of the excavated soil. This will mean that the pond is ripe for colonisation by plants and insects and will give it a head start and prepare it well for next year. In September I will collect some of the ragged robin seeds from the plants I found a few weeks ago and scatter those in the wet soil areas. This pond will also provide a spectacle and point of interest from the hide during the winter.
A couple of days ago I lifted some of the corrugated iron sheets I laid in New Meadow and found at least 7 slow worms; sometimes it's difficult to accurately count as they are coiled together like spaghetti. There was also a small and very beautiful grass snake. Judging by size it could have just hatched within the past month or so which is great news.
Under one of the barn owl boxes I found several barn owl feathers, and last week I found a shed primary feather. This was obviously from barn owl by colour as well as the feather edges are all softened to allow silent flight and hunting. My hunch is, however, despite saying this before, that they did not successfully breed.

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Charles Roper said...

All this wet weather... gotta be good for fungi too. I think it's already turning out to be a bumper year. Have you got any good ones at Scrag Copse?