Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In an attempt to get better images of the badgers, I have been trying to get closer to them and use flash. However, it means setting everything up long before the time of emergence. So, with this having been done on Monday with a great view down the sett from a viewpoint I have never tried before, I got to the site and waited. Unfortunately, within minutes of getting into place, the wind switched to almost the opposite direction and was blowing my scent across the sett. GRRRRR! As well as meaning no shots, I feel it may cause undue disturbance to them, so it was a case of get out of there as quickly and quietly as possible and leave them in peace.
Last night, however, with another SWT group, it was a different story. Although, the wind was again not favourable, I moved the group mid-watch to another viewpoint and within minutes the badgers were out. It was a memorable watch as at one stage we had 7 badgers all grooming each other in a tight huddle. I have seen pairs do this but never as many as 7! One of the cubs was lying on its back being groomed by various members of the family while it waved its paws in the air in apparent enjoyment. Most of the time only 6 badgers were visible but every now and then this one cub would poke its head out through the huddle. While we watched, the group were also lucky enough to see one of the barn owls come in with prey and perch on a branch. I still cannot confirm whether the barn owls are breeding successfully yet.

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Tracey O'Brien said...

Thanks for a great evening badger watching. They really did put on a very good show for us! It was also a real treat to see the barn owl. A fantastic experience!