Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rain, rain, rain!!

Oh well, it didn't seem to stop raining all day in the wood but work needed to be done. I cleared up all the debris around the badger area as there is another group coming tomorrow evening for Sussex Wildlife Trust and also added a couple of safety rails on the platform.
The rain has thankfully filled the stream and ponds and has soaked the ground which is great news for the badgers as it means that the earthworms will come to the surface. With 4 cubs just weaned readily available food is important and indeed dry periods can kill badgers.
I have also checked the nestboxes for breeding birds. It appears that 7 out of 9 of the regular boxes are occupied mainly with great tits, but also one box with blue tits and the open box with a blackbird pair who have already fledged their brood. Interestingly, 2 out of 3 tawny owl boxes are occupied with jackdaws with very noisy young.

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