Friday, May 2, 2008

Fantastic night!

Last night I badger watched on my own. Arriving a little later than I would have liked at 8.15pm and making myself comfortable in the badger watching chair, I was rewarded just 7 minutes later with the first adult male badger emerging from the sett while it was still daylight! Within a few minutes, several more adults emerged and then as dusk took over the four cubs bounced along. I actually lost count of the total as there were badgers going in and out of holes all over the sett but I estimate a good 9 or 10 animals including the cubs! Interestingly, a fox also came in to feed off the sett probably picking up some of the dog biscuits I have left for the badgers. While in my elevated position I also had at least 2 bat species repeatedly flying around me. The screeching song of the barn owl from the fields and a calling male tawny just completed an amazing nocturnal experience.

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Mike Pepler said...

Cool! I think there are badgers around our woods, but I don't know where their sett is. I;d love to see them...