Friday, May 30, 2008

Despite the wet weather, another badger watch for a Sussex Wildlife Trust group was very productive. Initially, there were no badgers appearing and as usual I feared the worse. However, at 20.11hrs the dominant sow appeared on her own and proceeded to slowly and methodically eat the nuts and peanut butter I left for them. After a few minutes all 4 cubs appeared pushing each other out of the way to emerge. There appears to be quite a lot of difference in the cubs size from the biggest nearly at the size of a yearling to the smallest being very obviously a small cub even in its habits. At one stage there were probably 6-7 badgers out feeding for nearly an hour before they all departed presumably for the fields to get some good worms inside them.
One amusing observation was to see what I assume was a yearling start digging vigorously on top of the sett and within a minute or so fall head first down the hole just dug. It appears that he'd dug straight down into one of the chambers of the sett. All that was left visible were his hind legs as he hung in a limbo for a few seconds. They are very, very endearing creatures, but a bit stupid!

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