Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Badger Viewing Improved

The badger viewing platform, which I may have kept quiet until now is up and in use. The platform is designed to hold up to 8, humans that is, and means easy comfortable viewing around 2.5 metres above the ground. This results in less risk of disturbance to the badgers. The construction of the platform has been carried out very, very slowly and away from the badger area wherever possible. I have not risked any disturbance at all and have masked any of my activity by laying out reasonable quantities of nuts in any of the trodden areas. I also feel that this has helped familiarise the badgers to my scent to some degree which may help my activities in the future.
I carried out a badger watch last night and had all 4 cubs out from 19.31hrs, which is the earliest I've recorded. Over the next hour out came the dominant sow and boar who promptly sat on one of the cubs, which is amusing but in reality is just a means of establishing dominance via scent. Being above the area on the platform also meant I could observe a very clean looking adult come in from an outlier sett and enter one of the sett holes. His behaviour was very shy but determined, if that is possible. This animal was probably an adult that has been pushed out by the main boar and sow but still attached to the clan and still interacts with the adults at the main sett.
If you are interested in viewing the badgers at Scrag either privately or as part of a Sussex Wildlife Trust group, now is the time to do it; the badgers are coming out in good light and the viewing platform makes it easy to watch them with no risk of disturbance to the badgers. Please go via the website www.davidplummerimages.co.uk to organise.

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