Friday, May 30, 2008

Another neighbouring wood for sale!

Another woodland close to Scrag Copse is now for sale. This is a reluctant sale on behalf of the owner, my friend Molly, but she is very keen that the woodland goes to a very sympathetic (to woodlands and wildlife) buyer. In her own words 'one part is full of bluebells, with oak, hornbeam, ash, birch, field maple, hazel, holly and one Wild Service tree. I have planted three more Wild Service and they are doing quite well. The other part I call the 'wild wood'; ash, oak round the boundary, birch, field maple, goat willow, masses of ferns and bluebells round the edge. It is full of birds and the deer tend to congregate there...'
This wood occupies the corner of Prestwood Lane and The Mount and really is a lovely 11 acres - price around £49,000. Yesterday, as I passed by Molly's wood on the road two fox cubs poked their heads out and let me photograph them. They were so stupid that I had to stop the traffic to prevent them getting run over!
If you are interested in this area of woodland please email me directly at and I can put you in touch with the seller.

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