Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tuesday 4th March 2008.
Finally got the last 2 tawny owl boxes up on old oaks today. I spaced them as far apart as possible to increase the chances of them being used but I still think it will take a couple of years before the wood is weathered enough to be of interest to them. I must admit, they do look good though.
A nice violet in flower poking through the bluebell leaves. Lots of primroses out in flower now.
Also a buzzard settled in a tree more or less in front of the hide and I later saw it circling high overhead. I'm sure buzzards nest either in the general woodland complex of which Scrag is a part or in a another local copse. It would be great to find the nest later in the season.
It was also nice to see 2 woodcock patrolling the edges of the wood at
dusk. These are probably males marking their territory early in the season.

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