Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today, I repaired the bridge by securing it to an ash post driven into the stream bank. The post was from an small ash tree I cut down specifically for the job. This served the purpose of thinning the woodland as well as providing valuable timber. Some of the thinner poles that I trimmed off I intend to make into a hurdle around the door to the bird-hide to create a bit of expansion room if the hide gets busy.
I also planted around 15 more willow whips in order to scrub up the edge of New Meadow and also create the barrier to people previously mentioned. I did this by also laying some of the thicker willow verticals too thick to cut for planting. By laying it I have extended the vegetation area by 3 or 4 metres which should really help in creating the barrier.
At the end of the day, I sat in the bird hide finishing the coffee from my flask and was rewarded by a stunning view of the barn owl gliding just 6 metres from me through New Meadow. The owl originally came from the area of the barn owl box and then flew through the hornbeams and into the meadow. I have never seen a barn owl fly through woodland before and to get the close view I had was a special end to the day.

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Joanne Hedger said...

I can only imagine your face at seeing that flight... what a perfect ending to a days hard work.
Am so pleased you got your barn owls, roll on those long summer evenings.