Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spending so much time organising the owl boxes recently has meant getting a bit behind with other chores in the wood so I spent the day doing lots of little things like putting up a shelf and some hooks in the bird hide.
I spent an hour or so photographing the badger sett and features associated with the sett such as badger paths, dung pits etc. I did this as early as possible so my scent wouldn't disturb them when they emerge later. I also had the inspirational idea of moving the deer shooting high-seat, that had been left abandoned on the edge of New Meadow, to near the badger sett. This could allow some really close up observation of the badgers without human scent disturbing them. So, I've already dismantled it so it just needs a bit of repair work before I move it up to the sett. I think it's nice that an object that was used to shoot deer will now be used to observe badgers!
At the end of the day, I did a solo badger watch and was lucky to get 3 lovely scratching badgers in the half light. I sense they are beginning to come out a little earlier, so I should get better views of them soon as they start coming out in the light evenings. I have started to put food out for the badgers in a grassy open area about 60m from the main sett. This will hopefully start being used regularly and mean observing and photographing without the risk of disturbing the sett.

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