Sunday, March 16, 2008

Barn Owl Again!

On Friday 14th March I visited the wood on a bit of a flying visit just to feed the birds and badgers. Unfortunately, being in a bit of a hurry meant I didn't pay much attention as I walked up the east side of the wood and was a bit surprised when a barn owl took off in front of me apparently coming from the immediate area of the barn owl box. I then had a 15 minute view of it repeatedly hunting backwards and forwards across the field sometimes just 20 metres away from me! It was unsuccessful in its hunting despite making several dives to the ground before gliding south and perching on a fence post. This evoked a series of calls from the little owl that roosts there. I examined the ground beneath the owl box and noticed a line of very white droppings. This is the 2nd sight in a week of the owl in exactly same area and so combined with the droppings I am convinced that this owl is now using the box as a daytime roost. I am both elated and amazed that the box has been occupied so quickly and can only hope that it pairs up and tries a breeding attempt in the spring and summer.


Ali said...

Excellent news - sounds very promising!

Justin Brown said...

That certainly sounds very encouraging!. Getting some in-flight owl shots is definitely one of my goals, so fingers crossed they stick around