Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankfully I didn't take into account the weather forecast earlier in the week for today. The band of rain never really hit Sussex so another complete day of work in the wood.
The second barn owl box went up onto a large hornbeam, again on the east side of the wood. This probably isn't the ideal tree but I couldn't find any suitable big, old trees far enough away from the first box so this was the best compromise. After the learning experience of Tuesday, this box went up fairly quickly and I again trimmed and lopped off some branches to allow a clear view and flight-path for any potential owls. An interesting point that I noticed was that as I trimmed the odd small hornbeam branch it started dripping with sap immediately. I remember just 9 days ago when I trimmed some branches after putting in the bridge that no sap appeared. Therefore, I can conclude that the sap of hornbeam has started rising in the last few days. Just another sign of spring but one that is not necessarily so obvious.
After lunch we put up a tawny owl box on an old oak inside the wood next to the stream. These nest boxes are smaller than a barn owl box and a more simple design but still a bit of a job to get 4m up a tree. However, it went well enough and I have good hopes for this box. (pictures to follow).
2 more tawny owl boxes to go!

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