Monday, February 11, 2008

Nest Boxes!

11th Feb 2008 - Spectacular early spring weather today meant a lovely day to work at Scrag. Met my parents at the wood to transport a whole batch of nest boxes down the track. These include 2 barn owl boxes as well as various hole nesting boxes. I would like to add that they were all made by dad who I think got a bit carried away with a bit of a production line producing tit boxes, treecreeper boxes and robin boxes.
After a warm lunch sitting in New Meadow we managed to put up 6 of the boxes in the area around the hide meaning that they will be easy to monitor for occupation. My ultimate aim is to have at least 50 nest boxes throughout Scrag to help the hole-nesting species to reinforce the breeding bird population. All these nest boxes will be numbered, mapped and monitored in the coming years. The barn owl boxes are huge and require ropes and ladders to put up so this will be done in the next couple of weeks. Interestingly, I've heard a report of a barn owl seen hunting in the surrounding fields although no one seems to know where they breed. By providing a few nesting alternatives might mean more of these ghosts gliding and hovering in view from Scrag, which in itself will be fantastic but may also provide photographic opportunities.
Other sightings today: 6 roe deer, 1 buzzard, 4 great spotted woodpeckers chasing (pair-bonding behaviour), GS woodpeckers also drumming.


Ali said...

So pleased to hear the Scrag Copse updates. The blog is a great way for keeping everyone informed.

Looking forward to my next visit this coming weekend and hearing all the latest news. The weather forecast is good!

I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor (blog and otherwise) but please try to make the October working party for pond digging towards the end of the month, I'd hate to miss it!

I noticed the time of some of the early blog entries - insomnia or keen to get to Scrag?

Take care

Justin Brown said...

Hi David

The blog is a great idea, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy your updates and news about Scrag Copse.

I've just subscribed to your RSS feeds, so I'll automagically receive the updates as soon as you do them! (no pressure)

I'm trying to sort out some dates, so that I can book the next course, and come down to SC.