Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dig or not!

10th Feb 2008. A beautiful Sunday afternoon visit to Scrag with Mark Elliott to review and discuss the exploratory pit we dug last October. We dug this pit in a 'wet' area of New Meadow (the bracken area I intend restoring to woodland pasture), with the intention of hopefully identifying a location to dig a large dragonfly and amphibian pond.
Well, it's full of water which seems to be holding as it has been more or less full since we first dug down into the clay. So, we know it will be wet throughout the winter but it is difficult to determine whether we have dug down and met the level of the groundwater or if the pit is merely containing run-off. Therefore, we have agreed that we probably need to monitor it for a longer period throughout the drier months to determine whether it's worth digging a full size pond. Mark, who knows a thing or two about this is 'optimistic' but we feel it is better to wait rather than get 15 people down to dig a big hole which could end up being a dry blot on the landcsape which may serve to remind me of my impatience for the next 50 years!
Hopefully, it will hold water throughout the year meaning that we can get a big, fun workparty together in October 2008. My dream is to have a large shallow-sided pond fringed with aquatic vegetation teaming with dragonflies as well as frogs, toads and newts breeding successfully. Anyway, I shall keep you updated with my rising and falling water levels! It's interesting what occupies your mind when you manage a bit of woodland.

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