Sunday, February 24, 2008

Building bridges!

Tuesday 19th Feb. Having lost my old plank bridge over the stream when the recent high water levels washed it away, it was necessary today to cut in a new one. Luckily there was an old but perfectly sound railway sleeper used as a bridge many years ago, wedged into the banks further upstream. Dragging it out not only eased the flow in the stream but thankfully also saves me buying a new one. Hopefully, I've selected the right location and cut it into the banks so that it blends in without spoiling any woodland views across the stream. It will also, hopefully, provide a safe crossing fulfilling health and safety requirements now that I'm running more and more courses from Scrag Copse. The whole task was quite simply one of the most satisfyling jobs I've done in the wood and it was great to eat my cheese and pickle sandwiches sitting on the bridge afterwards especially when the sparrowhawk glided overhead mobbed by a carrion crow. I also cut and cleared more footpaths piling the sawn branches into a log pile.

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Ali said...

Sounds like a very satisfying day!